If you are a person that wants to spend vacation in magical oasis of peace and quiet, surrounded with family and closest friends, in total alliance with untouched nature far away from crowded and noisy city than “MaBu” Courts are the right place for you.

The MaBu Courts

MaBu Courts are located on protected ornithological area in Neretva valley, in a little idyllic place Podbrijest which is uninhabited for last 40 years.
MaBu can be reached only by boat which is free and available during your whole stay while your vehicle is well-assured on free parking spot.
Also, your host is on your disposal all the time to take your free call and deliver groceries for you as well as take you shopping or arrange field trip for you.
Our guests can find refreshment in the river that flows in front of the house or in the 27m2 large swimming pool. If you like recreation there is a 3 km long mountain trail suitable for hiking as well as bowling ground available for entertainment and pleasure.
During cold days there are solid fuel stoves on the ground floor of both houses with insured sufficient amount of firewood. In the sprit of MaBu philosophy, the electric power for Courts is acquired from the sun energy and is sufficient for every necessity of your pleasant stay.


Our advice is:
"... Relax, be happy, do good, LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and let the birds sing...!"